Blogging Through the Bible

Good Monday morning to you! I hope I am finding you well today.

Today, I want to share with you something that is very close to my heart. Recently, my eyes and heart have become “reopened” to the love of God. I began to stray off the straight and narrow and my heart became cold and hard with the world. God starting working in my life, and also through Curtis, and we jumped pack on the path where we will be moving forward and planted there.


I recently have been reading blogs that study scripture and today I decided to link up with one of them. Courtney from Women Living Well is starting a Blogging Through the Bible “series.” We will read through the entire Bible, with a chapter a day. She will be skipping around a bit, back and forth between the New Testament and Old Testament.

The schedule she will will be following looks like this [the “I” is Courtney]:

Sundays – I will post a monthly reading plan at the beginning of every month.  I will also post a weekly reading plan every Sunday morning so you can begin your reading for the week.

Wednesdays – I will write a mid-week devotional that correlates with the reading plan for the week.  I am hoping for discussion in the comments where you share what you are learning as well.

Fridays – I will post a 1-3 minute video about that week’s reading, to wrap-up the week.

You are probably thinking, “KarenAnn, what are you going to do?”

Well, I am so glad you asked! I am going to do a “Thinking Thursday” post that basically combines her Wednesday and Friday posts. I really hope to get some discussion going with this! This [writing devotionals] is new to me, so I will only be doing it once a week. My personal hope is that I become more consistent in blogging and find “my voice.”

So, the study will start in September and it looks like this [it is tentative and subject to change]:

September – Esther, I & II Peter, I, II, III John, Jude and Jonah (that’s a total of 30 chapters)

October – Galatians, Genesis (ch.1-25)

November – Genesis (ch.26-50) Psalms 1-5

December – Matthew, Psalms 6-8

January – Proverbs

February – Exodus (ch.1-28)

March – Exodus (ch.29-40), unsure

I am super excited about this journey. Will you join in?



Ain’t Nothin’ Sweeter Than Love: Pinterest Party, Valentine’s Day Edition.

Today is my birthday so I am taking a little break from the technical world and spending time with my sweet little family! I just wanted to stop in (with my new iPad!) and see if you had checked out my friend Cara’s Valentine project??

via Ain’t Nothin’ Sweeter Than Love: Pinterest Party, Valentine’s Day Edition..

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