Porch Progress

The last time I checked in with you, I was introducing you to our home. The first stop on the tour was the porch.

Well, posting that really put me into action and we really started working toward our list to achieve the look we want. We, of course, still have a ways to go because there will ALWAYS be work when you own a home. 

Here is the list I am referring to [note that we have crossed off quite a bit!].

To Do:

  • Weather Proof Door
  • Move and Fill Hummingbird Feeder
  • Wall Decor
  • Add Pillows to Pallet Swing
  • Fix Chain on Pallet Swing
  • Plants Beside Door
  • Rugs for “Living Areas” ??
  • Black Wicker Furniture (Couch and Chair)
  • Paint Porch Floor
  • Hang Ferns
  • Hang Curtains on Both Sides
  • Window Boxes (with Succulents??)
  • New Door Bell
  • Door Wreath
  • American Flag
  • Extend Flowerbeds
  • Hydrangea for Flowerbeds
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Today, I am going to share with you our progress on the porch!

The first thing we did was purchase plants and redo the flower beds. 

I cleaned out all of the beds and replaced all of those plants with hydrangeas. 


The hydrangeas we purchased were pink but over time they have turned into a purple/blue. My favorite is the blue color so I am hoping that they will continue to turn.

Some other plants that we purchased were boston ferns for hanging.


Two hostas for beside the door [which I have moved to either side of our couch.


We also picked up some succulents for a window box. We picked up 8 and let most of them die because it took so long to get the window box built and up.


We also made a quick decision to purchase furniture for the Home Depot Independence Day Sale [aka the end of season sale]. We got a really good deal and couldn’t resist the wicker look and lovely blue of the cushions. 


The furniture came with two accent pillows that I threw on the swing since they complimented the furniture so well.


We still have a ways to go but we are satisfied for now. I can’t wait until fall evenings [when the mosquitoes die] so that I can really enjoy everything we have put together. 

Have you started working on your to do list lately?



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