January Sewing Challenge

For those of you that don’t know, I purchased a sewing machine with my Christmas money! I have always wanted to learn to sew, so I took the plunge. I happened upon a pin on Pinterest that promised I could learn to sew and win stuff. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in that??

So, I hopped on over to Crazy Little Projects and joined Amber in her Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge! I am so glad I was able to start in January and I am excited to show you my first projects!



In January, there were four challenges to choose from. Since I have never actually sewn anything, I decided to choose option #1 which was to start the Learn to Sew series. It is a seven part series that teaches you the basics to sewing.

I love the series that Amber at Crazy Little Projects has created because you actually make something while learning the skill! I love that I have a take-away.

The first lesson in the series is learning how to sew a straight line. Easy enough, right?? Actually, it is!!

The project that was associated with this skill was to make burp cloths. Here is what I did!!





I am going to continue the series and the next lesson is the zigzag stitch. I started it last night but started having issues with my bottom thread. If you sew, maybe you could help me out?? I took a short video of what was happening. Could you give me some advice?

[Having trouble with the video, will work on getting it up ASAP]

Will you join me in next month’s challenge?




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