Bluum [November 2013]

Guess what showed up on our front porch a day early?? That’s right, our Bluum box.


Bluum is a monthly subscription box that sends 4-5 products relating to the “theme” of your child’s age.


Normally, the Bluum box comes with a description card of the month’s theme. Our box didn’t have that card so I jumped online and discovered Thatcher’s theme this month was “Look Who’s Talking.” I’m not sure how the products relate, but here are the items we got:


Angel Dear Monster Blankie ($13): Thatcher isn’t a security blanket kind of guy but this thing is super cute and very soft. I will probably gift it to a snuggly baby in need.


Lansinoh Momma Teether: Fred the Penguin ($5): This is the cutest little teether. I have so many teething options that I probably won’t open this particular toy but I do like that it has a winter theme!


Zizzy Bee Bag ($6): I LOVE this bag. It is so versatile! Another plus is that it is totally reusable. I see my family getting tons of use out of this. I may have to pick up some more.


Happy Baby Grains Pouch ($2): I’m not a huge fan of these pouch baby foods. I think they can be easy for on-the-go eating, but Thatcher is so messy that it doesn’t take the ease out! These pouches have been getting a bad rep lately with exploding pouches and pouches filled with maggots. All of that aside, I will add this to Thatcher’s food basket and I’m sure he will enjoy the flavor [brown rice pudding with banana, apple and cinnamon].


Priddy Books: F is for Farm ($13): I LOVE books. I think children with personal libraries is something that every family should strive for. This book is perfect for us because we plan on creating a mini farm at the new house. I think I will give this to Thatcher for his first birthday!


The value of this box totaled about $40 which more than covers the cost of the box.


Bluum costs about $25 a month and includes FREE SHIPPING. The box ships on the 17th of each month and it usually takes 4-5 days to arrive.

If you are interested in trying out Bluum, click here. You will automatically save 50% off your first box AND receive a year subscription to Parent or Family Circle magazine [your choice].

Love, KarenAnn


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