Bookworm Date Night.

As Thatcher is getting older [10 months now, can you believe it??], I am feeling more comfortable leaving him. I have been feeling especially antsy these past few weeks so I planned a date night with the hubs.

I always like to check out The Dating Divas because they have fun, creative and cheap options for a great date night! I scrolled through tons of options and found this one and thought it would be fun! Here is our version ;D

The Dating Divas have tons of print outs but I am DIYer so here is the invitation to our date [the pics for the invite and tasks were taken the next morning]:


Curtis was curious but he waited for me to surprise him with the details!

I also made the task cards.


To make it more fun, I sealed each of the taskes in evelopes.


We had dinner at home to cut out that portion of the date cost. I made homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese! Yummy :D

We headed out to Barnes and Noble and went straight to the cafe to get something warm to drink. I got a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and Curtis got Chai Tea with Mocha. Both drinks were delicious!

While we waited for our barista, Curtis opened the first envelope.


We headed straight to the COOKING section and set off on our adventure.

Here is the rest of our date in pictures:











We had a blast! We picked up a copy of Backyard Homesteading for our new house! Oh, you didn’t hear?? We are under contract for a quaint little place on 2.36 acres. Wish us luck that every goes quickly and smoothly.

This was such a cheap date and it could have easily been free! We got Starbucks for $8 and the book for $19 for a grand total of $27.

Have you been on cheap date lately? What did you do?


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