Citrus Lane [November 2013].

Hey ya’ll!

We received our Citrus Lane box in the mail yesterday. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that will send four or more products based on the age and stage of your child.


I was super pleased this month! I have not been too happy the with recent boxes but I have quickly fallen back in love!

Tug Boat from Green Toys ($15): This thing is AMAZING! I can see us getting tons of use out of this! It is a great bath time toy but we can also use it for water play in the warm weather months!


Bye-Bye Dry Moisturizing Therapy Wash from Babyganics ($4): I couldn’t find a price for the four ounce so the total is estimated from the link. This was seriously my FAVORITE item in the box. Thatcher has some eczema on his trunk andI bought the Babyganics Eczema Cream [a friend recommended it] and it has worked great! I’m thinking the soap + lotion combo is going to be spectacular.


Lip Comfort from Pur~lisse ($16): Since the cold weather seemsto be here to stay, this is going to get used right up!


This month Citrus Lane included some helpful Thanksgiving items!

Zoo Bowl from Skip Hop ($6): We don’t have any Skip Hop stuff but I love it! We got the elephant which is super cute. I am starting to get a collection of baby safe dishes for Thatcher, which is great. Hopefully I can teach him to be a less messy eater ;D


Super Bib from Bumkins ($6): I LOVE these bibs! I have only purchased the Walmart brand and they are very cheap. I am happy to have some more Bumkins in my life. We actually had this print in a cloth diaper!


All in all, I LOVED this box.


The value of this box is about $47 which is almost double the cost!!

Citrus Lane costs $25 a month and includes FREE SHIPPING. The box ships USPS via Narvar and usually arrives in 4-5 business days [usually around the 19th of the month].

Are you interested in signing up for Citrus Lane? If so, click here.  You can use the code: TAKEHALF to save 50% off your first box.

Love, KarenAnn

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