Halloween Costume 2013


aa7e6eca053eccb2df3d03f2deeb634dHey y’all! Halloween just might be my favorite holiday and I hope to instill that love into Thatcher. My plan is to make all of his Halloween costumes. I know it may be a tall order but I did it this year and it was so fun and simple and CHEAP!

For some reason, I have been sticking with a lion for his “logo.” I’m drawn to lion things to represent Thatcher. I think it started when we were talking about getting tattoos for Thatcher. I want to get a dandelion and Curtis got a lion [playing on words].

Tattoo[Tattoo by Julius Woods at Skinwerks]

Sticking with our theme, Thatcher is going to be a lion for Halloween.

His costume totaled about $25 and was very easy to make. Here are the materials I bought [I didn’t use them all]:

MaterialsThe cream onesie was purchased at JC Penney for about $10. It was actually a little girl’s outfit- I picked it because of the soft, lightweight feel of the material and it already had a hood [for the mane].

The first step of the project was to wash the outfit and then dye it using tan Rit dye. I just followed the instructions on the bottle and did it in the washing machine.

Lion CubThen I cut my tufted felt [in tan] to create the belly. I pinned it in place and then just hand sewed it on.

Belly ShotI also cut out the ears and pinned them and then sewed them. The outfit I bought had ears on it, so I just placed the ones I made over them.

Next, I measured the mane. I just alternated my colors and measured from the chest all the way around the hood to the other side of the chest. I cut a strip a few inches [depending on how “thick” you want the hairs] and cut strips to represent hair. I pinned those in place and hand sewed them down.

ManeFinally, I cut a strip for the tail. I just measured it based on how long I wanted it. It was folded hot dog style with the thick side of the felt on the inside. I hand sewed a straight-ish line and turned it inside out. Once again, I alternated through my colors and cut strips and hand sewed them around the bottom of the tail. Then, just attach the tail to the outfit.

TailViola, my little baby turned into a lion.

Sitting LionHe keeps the hood on pretty well compared to a ball cap but only time will tell if the costume works out. I do plan on painting his nose and whiskers and then the costume will be complete.

Standing LionDo you make costumes for your little one? What are they going to be this year?

Love, KarenAnn










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