Room to Grow.

The last time I wrote about Thatcher’s room, we had just hit a milestone! He was going to start sleeping in it. He did so good and then we moved! Now, he sleeps with us every night and in our bed for naps. He doesn’t like his crib. As soon as he touches the mattress, he wakes up.

Since he has become mobile, he is into everything. I wanted to create a space for him that was completely safe and inviting. Using my background in early childhood education and a little further research I have decided to go with a Montessori inspired approach. The key word being : inspired. At this point, I don’t want to go to one extreme or another but want to change up what we have going because I don’t feel that it is working very well for us.  Thatcher has entirely too many useless toys and access to them all at once. His room gets to be a big mess and he can’t decide what to play with.

Here is his new set up:

This is the view from the door.

1This is the view from behind the chair.

2This is the view from his bed.

3This is the view from the dresser.



The low bed is one of the first Montessori inspired things. We completely took Thatcher’s crib down [he hates it anyway] and just put the mattress on the floor. He has slept in the low bed more in the last few days than since we moved. I think he is going to have to be absolutely exhausted to stay in it all night though. I like that he can get on and off as he pleases [which teaches him some independence] and not feel trapped. There isn’t anything in his room that could harm him.


I created a quiet space with a small rocking chair, stuffed animals and a few books.

Another thing that I changed was his ability to reach anything in his room. Everything is low and sturdy to promote pulling up and choices. I love that everything is on his level and he can’t get hurt. He has been playing in his room very nicely!

In the “LOUD” space I separated the shelves and put a few toy choices on there. I think there is more than the Montessori suggests but it will be okay for now.

Toy Shelf


Here is a makeshift shelf in his play space. I want to point out the “art work.” I put up these stickers in Thatcher’s line of sight so that he can enjoy looking. I also plan to hang his art on the walls with contact paper so that he can look at his creations.

WagonI have one puzzle, some puppets and a music basket [we don’t have many instruments at this time] in the wagon.

Behind the chair [which I plan on replacing in a few months with a Thatcher sized table and chair set] is a Leapfrog toy and a basket of balls!

Behind ChairThatcher loves that toy, so we are going to keep it around and rotate it with the wooden maze box we have.

What do you think of the changes? Have you done anything drastic with your little one lately?









4 thoughts on “Room to Grow.

    • Awesome! I’m glad to help. I have no doubt that we will have a million more changes to our spaces as our babies develop. I love the special group mommies have to help each other out ;D

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