Nine Months.

Today my sweet boy is nine months old! I can’t believe how time flies.

The last time I told y’all about his accomplishments and personality, he was when he was six months old. Of course, so much has changed so I thought I would share his new milestones.


He started crawling and holding his own bottle a few months ago.

He claps when he is happy.

Sometimes he will will tell you “hey” and will wave to you.

The other day, he dropped a mini pumpkin and said “uh-oh.”


He loves to walk while holding your hands or with his walking wagon.

He is so sweet. I love when he leans over and gives me a big opened mouth kiss.

He pulls up on everything.

He has become so brave trying to climb on things.


He hates to be contained in anything so we are saying good bye to our jumper, walker, exersaucer, etc.

He started pushing his cars/trucks/tractors.

He loves to be outside crawling in the grass.

1380138_10151974412445127_1004022209_n (1)

He enjoys swinging.

His favorite game is peekaboo.

His favorite song is still “If You’re Happy and You Know” but he is becoming very fond of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

He loves to read books, he will sit for four or five in a row!


Photo credit to Julianna Grey Photography.

Love, KarenAnn


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