What’s Up Wednesday.

Hey y’all. I know I have been MIA for a few days, but we have been super busy and I have been down with a neck injury.

On Monday, I had a stiff spot in my neck and it progressed to full on rage through my upper back and shoulder. I can finally move with a little more ease. It was not easy taking care of a baby I could barely hold. I am glad to be getting over it.

In other news, Thatcher has been sleeping with me every night. I think I have started a bad habit and I am not sure how to kick it.

Also, I think he is saying “da-da” which is pretty exciting.

I’m pretty sure he is going to skip crawling because he loves pulling himself up on things and has even braved letting go of my hands twice to stand on his own. He only lasts about thirty seconds though.

Thatcher has also just discovered waving. He thinks it’s funny and has tried to do it on his own a few times.

Curtis and I have been preparing for some BIG changes coming to our family (we aren’t quite ready to tell, but we are excited).

I received tons of subscription boxes last week (I do not know how people have the time, energy and money to spend on getting these things and reviewing them. I actually didn’t care for many of them so I won’t go crazy over them.

I need to go do housework while Thatcher is down for his nap because I wasn’t productive these past few days.

Tomorrow is mine and Curtis’ anniversary and we haven’t planned anything. I guess four years isn’t important!

Love, KarenAnn



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