iPhone Dump

I am linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for the weekly iPhone dump.


Once again, I don’t have too many pictures this week because my storage is low. I am also finding the quality to horrible this week. I ordered the iPhone 4 for Curtis and I and expect to start using it in the beginning of August.

1. I won the Petit Vour box and received it this week!

IMG_2338[1]2. Delicious lunch! Sweet potatoes and yogurt.

IMG_2341[1]3. This baby has been dealing with separation anxiety and only wants to sleep on mommy.

IMG_2344[1]4. Playing with his favorite toy during bath time.

IMG_2348[1]5. Cool dude waiting patiently to get in the pool.

IMG_2355[1]6. Finally, play time in the pool! It has been so hot and he was excited to splash.



7. Thatcher decided to climb out and play with the grass instead.



8. Happy boy!



9. I got the Runbandz that I won from Erica at Reviews Until You Drop.



While I am talking about pictures, I put up week 27 in Thatcher’s Photo Project.

Love, KarenAnn









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