Citrus Lane [July 2013]

We received our second Citrus Lane box in the mail a few days ago. Citrus Lane is a subscription box company that sends age appropriate items to your child [toys, body care, food, etc]. They hand select the best, mommy approved products. I love this concept because it gives us a chance to try something new.

The package actually arrived pretty quickly compared to last month which was very exciting.





Here is the first look.



Second Look



The boxes are normally $25/month with FREE SHIPPING. The contents of the box are as follows:

On-The-Go from Zoli: $14.99 This is a stackable snack/formula container. I wont use this for a few more months but it will be nice to have when the time comes.


Jittering Giraffe from Tiny Love: $7.99 This soft giraffe has a really cool clip for easy use and is a crowd pleaser. Thatcher already has a few toys like this, but he is really into it. The loves this particular rattle. The one we got is broken [it will not jitter up once it is pulled down] so I contacted Citrus Lane to find out what to do. They gave me a call back [same day, but 9pm my time] and let me know they would send out a replacement immediately. I am very pleased that they handled the issue and hope to get a working toy soon. Use code 20now for 20% off your order thru 8/31/13 at


California Baby Travel Set: approx $1.98 I received the diaper cream and calming shampoo and body wash. I am not sure if the diaper cream is cloth diaper safe? Do you know? I used the soap yesterday for bath time and love it. I can tell the sample size is going to go a long way. [I also purchased this product as an extra- 8.5 oz for $12.50?? I am a little bummed I didn’t pay attention to amount because I can get double this at Target for $17.]


NurturMeals from NurturMe: $1.50 This is a powder baby food that you can mix with breast milk, formula or water to create a puree. All ingredients are certified organic and gluten free. They also have tons of super foods [quinoa, kale, etc.]  for the baby to start eating now! We got the quinoa, apple and pea blend. I will be giving this a go in my house sometime this week. Stay tuned for an update. Use code 15OFFNMCITRUS for 15% off your order at



Little Buddy Wipes from Me4Kidz: $2.49 These are awesome antibacterial wipes and they are already in the diaper bag! These wipes are infused with fresh cucumber and tea-tree scent. I love that these were made with all natural ingredients.


Postagram from Sincerly Inc.: $10 This is a product that you have to have a smartphone app to use. Thankfully we will be getting new phones in a few weeks so we can get to using this cool product. I believe you use your phone app to create a postcard that a picture can “pop out of and stick to the fridge.” With this special offer, Citrus Lane subscribers get 10 free [that means postcards are a dollar a pop].

Citrus Lane offered additional products [a wet bag, a fold up blanket/changing station and California Baby soap] and I chose to only get the California Baby.


The total value of the box was $28.95. The price doesn’t include the promotion for Postagram because I am uncertain if these are free or if you will have to pay shipping.



I was a little bummed that this box didn’t have as many products that Thatcher can directly enjoy but the more I think about it, all of the products will be used so it is a good box in my eyes!

I didn’t get many pictures of Thatcher exploring his box because there wan’t a ton for him to interact with, but I snapped this picture and thought it was funny. He wanted to get the toy out of the packaging so he could enjoy it!


I am so excited to participate in next month’s box! If you are interested in joining Citrus Lane, click here to receive $10 off .

If you missed it, here is June’s Citrus Lane box.

Love, KarenAnn


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