Love With Food [July 2013]

I received my Love with Food box yesterday and I was super excited about it.


Love with Food is a subscription box that sends eight or more gourmet food items to your door each month. They also donate a meal to a hungry child for each box ordered! The donation is sent to food banks around America.

This subscription box costs $12 a month [$10 box + $2 shipping]. You can use the code FBGIFT and get your first month free [just pay shipping].

This was my first Love with Food box.


This month’s theme was Fun on the Boardwalk and included tons of snacking options!


The information card let me know about each of the items and also stated that I donated TWO meals to Oklahoma food banks this month. Score!

The first item in the box was Hawaiian Salted Caramel Popcorn from Kukuruza. This was the snack I was most excited about. I ripped it open immediately and I am thankful Curtis doesn’t enjoy popcorn because I killed it. While this popcorn is delicious, I liked the one from my June Citrus Lane box a little bit better.

DSCF2784Next, I pulled out Snack Topping from Twangerz. These are little packets are packed full of flavor. We got Chili Lime Salt, Pickle Salt, Lime Salt and Lemon Lime Salt. I was unsure of the at first [especially the pickle]. We haven’t decided what to try these on so I will update as soon as we do.

DSCF2785The Rebel Mary Peanuts from Lord Nut Levington completely scared me but they are right up Curtis’ alley and he scarfed them down. The had a slightly spicy tomato taste which is not for me.

I really love pretzels, the big soft chewy ones that you get at the mall. I am not a huge fan of the thick, hard and crunchy texture the Handmade Sourdough Pretzel by Uncle Henry’s has. Curtis and I agree that taste was fine, we just don’t care for it’s thickness.

The Strawberry and Fig Bar from Nature’s Bakery was another thing I was excited to try. I am not a big fig newton fan so I thought the bite of strawberry would give this treat a unique twist. It is also a non-GMO verified product which always makes me smile! This treat made Curtis excited too! It was delicious and we will definitely be purchasing more.

BBQ Beef Stick from Vermont Smoke and Cure was another item I was scared to try! I don’t like jerky or anything like that so I didn’t think I would like it. The Real Sticks are made without antibiotics, preservatives and gluten which made me hope that I did like it. I was pleasantly surprised that this stick of beef was pretty tasty! Curtis said he would have prefered a bit more of a bite.


The candy that was included in this Love with Food box was All Natural Orange Salt Water Taffy from Angel Mint and Classic Candy Wafers from Necco. While they were a reminder of the boardwalk, Curtis and I are not fans of either.


We also got a couple of coupons in this box: $25 gift card for Hello Fresh [if you are interested in trying Hello Fresh, use code 84TBFU for $20 off your first purchase] and a coupon for the peanuts!


My first impression [before tasting] was that the box was okay and I feel the same after tasting everything; nothing blew either of us away.



We do plan to give Love with Food another chance so stay tuned for next month’s review.

Did you get a Love with Food Box? What did you think?

Love, KarenAnn


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