Tonx Review

I recently heard about a coffee subscription company called Tonx.

Tonx is a small team of experts dedicated to helping you brew outstanding coffee at your home or office. We believe it’s easy to make a better cup in your kitchen than you’ll get at the best cafes, and for a fraction of the cost. We carefully source the finest coffees in the world and roast them mere hours before shipping them your way.

They offer you a free sample trial which includes 2 oz of their finely selected coffee beans.

I ordered this as a little surprise for Curtis because he loves coffee and he is always looking for cool new flavors.

We received Tonx yesterday in the mail. It came in a simple white envelope [I took a picture of it, but my SD card wasn’t in the camera and Curtis let Thatcher destroy the envelope!].


Inside was the coffee: Valiente from Santa Ana, El Salvador. Curtis immediately opened it and gave it a big whiff- I think he is excited!


The package also included three cards: one about the the coffee, a second about the basics of brewing and the third was a welcome letter explaining their company.



We don’t actually have a coffee grinder yet, but we ordered this one this morning. It should be here by Tuesday and I should have an update for you by Wednesday!

Tonx has tons of packages [sizes] and they will ship to you with the frequency you want. I’m not sure what we will go with yet-I will keep you posted on that as well.

I am also looking forward to Curtis’ second mystery box and Love with Food [they should be here today]!

Love, KarenAnn




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