What’s Up Wednesday.

This past week has been so busy! Super fun, but very busy. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on. On Saturday, we had Thatcher’s Half Birthday party. Curtis went back to work on Sunday, so we [Thatcher & I] just relaxed and tried to  re-cooperate from the party. Curtis was off on Monday and Tuesday, but trying to get ready to switch to third shift [which means staying up as late as possible and sleeping as late as possible]. It also means that I need to try and keep Thatcher as quiet as possible. That is much easier said than done when he is finding his voice! DSCF2714   DSCF2728 Monday, we took Thatcher back to the chiropractor and then picked up a generous donation of liquid gold from a lovely family. While we were at the chiropractor, we stopped in at the local herbal shop and picked up some of this awesome stuff! It is a spray of  tea tree oil and eucalyptus for his diaper pail and I have been spraying it on his bed to help with congestion. DSCF2731 Yesterday, we went to the Post Office and a consignment shop [I scored some cute Children’s Place shorts for 41 cents because I had a credit on my account!]. By the way, he has almost outgrown his 9 month clothes! DSCF2712 Then we bought him some yobaby yogurt [vanilla, banana, blueberry and peach] since he is six months old and can eat it now! I want him to have good gut flora. Once Curtis woke up, we headed to the local farmer’s market in search of goat’s milk. We didn’t get any of that, but we scored some delicious peaches and some information on buying a processed cow! My mom said she would take halfsies, but I am not sure we will be able to store all of the meat. Do you know how big a cow is? That is definitely on our to do list though! Today, we have a special guest coming to our house to interview us on milk sharing! I’m sure I will have a post about it (: We will be heading back to the chiropractor tomorrow and then venturing to another farmer’s market. On Friday, we may be meeting another donor mom and collecting some milk. While we are in Atlanta, I am planning on stopping in my midwifery because they have a parenting group. That’s all I have planned for this week. What going on with you? Also you can check out Thatcher’s weekly picture [I got it up a little late this week]. I better get cleaning while Thatcher is napping (: DSCF2732


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