Half Birthday Celebration!

Thatcher celebrated his Half Birthday on Saturday with a small little bash at our house. I wanted to start a fun tradition for him, but in the future we will probably not go all out like we did this year!

This was the first party I have ever thrown and it was a bit overwhelming. I spent way too much money and forgot stuff, but all in all we had a great time and that’s all that matters.

I need to give a special shout out to my husband who was a trooper and helped in the kitchen all day. My MIL [aka Mimi] who helped me ALL day long and my FIL [aka Pop] who entertained Thatcher so that we could have everything set up!

Here is a link to my Pinspiration for the party!


The party was from 5-7 pm so I wanted to have plenty of food.


I served chips with salsa and guacamole, greek pasta salad, veggies and a ranch dip, fruit with a scrumptious dip, sandwich wraps, and monster cookie dough dip.


The main attraction was the mini donuts [with vanilla, orange and lemon flavored icing] and chocolate covered strawberries.


I had water bottles sitting in ice with those fun summer ice pops.


I also served lemonade and limeade.


And provided cute little favors.


I found an assortment of colorful cups and plates at Walmart and then ordered paper straws and wooden forks for less of an environmental impact. I actually the bought forks from Tulle and Twig. And I bought a party pack from legoods which included paper straws, bakers twine, origami stars, tags, glassine bags and that cute basket!


I also purchased a half birthday shirt for Thatcher from Bee Bug’s Embroidery & Gifts.

DSCF2617It was so cute and matched his shorts perfectly.



You can’t see it in any pictures that I took, but I also special ordered a diaper from Clarabell baby  for this special occasion.



I had a picture snapped of me and the half  birthday boy!


Here are some pictures of our family hanging out!






It has been raining for the past week and Saturday was no exception. The guys were checking our the small river running through our backyard.

We had all of Thatcher’s presents hanging out in the little red wagon [which was not a gift].


Thatcher loved the bags, tissue paper and gift wrap more than what was inside.



My dad [aka “Who” until Thatcher comes up with something better!] got him some sippy cups, a mini police car and a football Oball.


Curtis’ grandmother [aka Grandmama] got him this really neat nursery rhyme book that sings!


Curtis’ dad [aka Papa] got him an Atlanta Falcons piggy bank.


Curtis’ mom [aka Mimi] got him an inflatable pool and toys to go in there! Hopefully, the rain will let up soon so we can enjoy it (:


My mom [aka Babette] got him a few outfits.


Mommy and Daddy searched high and low for a unique gift and we decided to get him a bean bag set. It is great for all of his senses; it has tons of textured fabrics and patterns to stimulate his sight and touch. The coolest feature is that the beans are in separate bags and an essential oil can be added to the bag to stimulate smell! It was custom made by Little HoneyBee Shop who did a fabulous job!






We had a great time celebrating Thatcher’s Half Birthday.




After the presents, the boys pulled out the instruments.


My brother, Dylan, and Grandmama starting playing the iPad piano.


Thank you to all that helped make Thatcher’s Half Birthday a successful and fun party.

Do you have any special birthday traditions?

Love, KarenAnn


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