Julep [June/July 2013].

Recently, I have fallen in love with subscription boxes. They are so fun; a box of surprise shows up in your mailbox once a month. Who wouldn’t love that?

Anyway, I decided to try Julep as a gift because I am not into painting my own nails [I know, I’m a snob]. Julep costs $19.99 a month and always offers FREE shipping. They boast three full price items and a surprise in each box. Yes, it is unfortunate that you know what you are getting each month but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fabulous.


You start by taking the Maven Quiz to find what “style” you are. The quiz indicated my style as “Classic with a Twist.”

The boxes are shipped on the 27th of each month. I did not receive a tracking number or shipment email so it was a complete surprise in my mailbox on Saturday. That was quick!

Julep shows up as a little black box in your mailbox.


Here was my first look. There were two welcome cards [one was welcoming me to Julep and the second was introducing me to my “style” Classic with a Twist].


Inside the box was an Essential Cuticle Oil, Rock Star Hand Creme sample [my sweet surprise] and a pretty pink package!


Inside the package I found my nail polish.


The colors were Kennedy which is a khaki creme and Niecy which is a bright pink creme.


Did you order a Julep box this month? What is your maven style?



Interested in more subscription boxes? Check out my Citrus Lane review.

Love, KarenAnn


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