Gift Giving or Selfish Hoarding?

I  was recently asked what my favorite baby item/gift for Thatcher was. I decided to come up with a list of great gift items for the new baby in your life [these are not in any particular order]!

I personally enjoy getting and giving very practical gifts. A must have item for Thatcher’s first month was muslin swaddle blankets. These blankets are good for all seasons and so soft. Swaddling can be difficult if you don’t have the proper blanket. Aden + Anias has beautiful designs and you can find them everywhere!


A gift that I loved receiving, but wasn’t specifically for “baby” was Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie is a favorite in our house. Not only is she the best teething toy, she is also made with each of the senses in mind!


I have a new found love with subscription boxes, see my Citrus Lane review here. There is a cool box for new mamas called, Mama Lana.

Mama Lana delivers expertly curated monthly boxes, full of soulful and luxurious necessities for each month of pregnancy.  It is a work of love created by two sisters, Anna and Lauren. At our core, we believe in celebrating a woman’s incredible maternity journey.

This box would be a great gift for a shower! Lots of goodies for mom and baby!


I am a huge Etsy supporter. What is Etsy you ask?

Etsy is the marketplace we make together.

Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

  • We are a mindful, transparent, and humane business.
  • We plan and build for the long term.
  • We value craftsmanship in all we make.
  • We believe fun should be part of everything we do.
  • We keep it real, always.

I personally did not use or receive this item, but if I do it over I will use this adorable onesie made by i heart art and baby. We were released from the hospital at night and had a fancy onesie for Thatcher. This seems way more practical and can be paired with comfy pants in the winter for a more practical first ride in the car. Jessica with i heart art and baby has so many other adorable options for your baby’s needs.


For the final item on my list, I am going back to practicality but staying with Etsy. I recently discovered the Lil’ Sprout line from The Green Rift. What better gift than soap? Jennifer at The Green Rift works very hard to make sure you are getting a natural, delicious smelling product. This is my go-to soap. Thatcher’s current flavor is “Monkey Farts” and I could just eat him up when he gets out of the bath.


Would you give these items as a gift or selfishly hoard them for your baby?

Love, KarenAnn


5 thoughts on “Gift Giving or Selfish Hoarding?

  1. Those are all fantastic gift ideas. We recently launched a startup where some one could add all of those gifts to a “gift page.” The new family could then pick the gift or gifts that they really liked. Basically it is a reverse wish list. It works great with Etsy.

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