Do you know what is in this Styrofoam cooler wrapped in cellophane?


This cooler, my friends, contains generosity.

When Thatcher was born, my plan was to nurse him immediately. The first night went great! The next day, all of the hospital staff started in with different opinions and I became so overwhelmed with the advice that I was unable to nurse him properly. I was very busy trying to use the proper/best technique. The hardest decision I made in the hospital was to give my baby formula because he would not latch. I knew I would be seeing the lactation consultant the day after I left the hospital and thought she would be able to help me.

I was right, she could help! We found out that Thatcher was a “lazy eater” and he wasn’t telling my body to produce milk. She suggested I try a few things and come back in two days to see where we were.

Two days came and went and Thatcher was still a “lazy eater” so I decided that I would exclusively pump breast milk. I was so upset about not being able to nurse my baby, but I was able to give him the nutrition he needed by pumping.

I was only able to exclusively pump for five weeks and my supply tanked. Instead of returning to the lactation consultant, I stopped pumping. There was not a time in that entire five weeks that I had enough supply to feed my baby. I always supplemented with formula.

We had to change brands and types of formula before we found something that agreed with Thatcher’s stomach. Ultimately, we have never found the solution. He has horrible [silent] reflux and doesn’t always tolerate the formula very well.

A few weeks ago, I discovered milk sharing. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced; a women’s generosity to share something so precious to help another child. In mainstream society, milk sharing doesn’t seem to be accepted. I am very thankful that I live in a place and time that has formula so that my child get nutrition and will not go hungry. I feel even more fortunate that a stranger would willingly give me her milk for my child.

On Saturday evening, we drove an hour and half to meet a mother that was willing to drive just as far and give us her liquid gold. She generously donated 126 oz of milk. That is enough for four days of food for my son! I cannot even fathom that amount because I was never able to produce that much.


Not sure how much 126 oz looks like?


Feast your eyes on this!


As soon as we got home, I unpacked it and took a few pictures of Thatcher with his donor milk!


Does this kid even know that he is sitting in the middle of a frozen goldmine?


After taking some pictures, we packed it away in the freezer. It took up a whole shelf!


I am so grateful to Christina for sharing so generously with my family!

This post is intended to share my amazing experience with milk sharing. I know there are things that I did “wrong” as a new mother learning to nurse her child and I know that I was told misinformation. There is no need to comment on what I should have done because it is in the past and I cannot change it. Thank you.

Love, KarenAnn


10 thoughts on “Generosity.

  1. This is just awesome! I’ve had my own struggles with breastfeeding – my supply totally dried up at one month (along with many other troubles along the way). Isaac has been perfectly healthy (and loves formula) but my emotional well being hasn’t been. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to go through when you feel like you cannot provide for you child in the most nurturing of ways. Over the last year I have grown to just love women and the amazing things they do-and this story really just adds to the “super hero”ness of the female population!
    I don’t know you, Christina – but you are a super hero!

    • Women are amazing! I’m so sorry for your struggles. I am still an emotional wreck over not being able to nurse my little man. Let me know if you are interested in milk sharing and I will direct you a few places.
      Love, KarenAnn

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  4. This is so neat! I’m sorry that happened to you, especially when you wanted to do it so badly! I hope and pray I’m able to when I have a baby, but sometimes our desire isn’t enough. You go girl!

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