Mixed Carrots.

On Thursday, we received our first Citrus Lane subscription box. Inside was a Happy Baby Stage 1 Mixed Carrots pouch.

After discussing it with Curtis, we decided to give it a try!

This product has BPA free packaging and is made from organic, non-GMO products. We felt super comfortable with the ingredient list and were anxious to see if our little man would like carrots!


This was not his first food experience; he eats whole bananas [and LOVES them] and has tried mashed avocado.

He seemed excited about trying something new!

They were a huge hit! He ate the entire pouch.


Curtis and I even took a taste [which, in my opinion, is a good idea] and they were pretty good.

I would have preferred them slightly warmer [we served them at room temperature].


I guess that means I should go buy more!

Have you tried Happy Baby? Which fruits/veggies does your child love?


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