Citrus Lane [June 2013]

Yesterday, we received our first Citrus Lane box in the mail. Citrus Lane is a subscription box company that sends age appropriate items to your child [toys, body care, food, etc]. They hand select the best, mommy approved products. I love this concept because it gives us a chance to try something new.

This girl was super excited! Thatcher was down for a nap so I quickly opened it and prepped it for him to explore.

Now that I am writing a blog post about this, I realize I did not take the best pictures. [I promise to do better next time.]


Let me start by saying that we paid $12.50 [which is half price] for our first box using the TAKEHALF coupon code. The boxes are normally $25/month with FREE SHIPPING. The contents of the box are as follows:

iPlay sun hat: $13 The hat received came in the pattern of Periwinkle Pier and was sized 6-18 months. It is a tad large for my little guy which doesn’t bother me because he can grow into and get more use out of it. These hats are really cool because they are UPF 50+ and that is great protection for my little man. You can use code CITRUS50 for 20% off your order here.


Odd Ducks [Boon] rubber duck: $8.49 These ducks have a really unique design, we got the “squish” which is slightly squished! Another cool feature of this duck is they are PVC-free and don’t hold water, so they won’t grow that black mold that kids always try to suck out.


Happy Baby Stage 1 Mixed Carrots: $1.98 Baby food is a hot topic in our house. My original plan was to go with the Baby Led Weaning method of food [that is a different topic for a different day] but since this was sent to us we thought we would try it! A selling point was the BPA free packaging and the fact that it is organic and non-GMO. Yes, it is still “processed” food but we felt comfortable with the ingredients. Stay tuned for a post about how it went!


479 Degrees Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn: $1.58 This was a sweet, sweet treat for mommy [or daddy]! I ate it for dessert last night, it was so delicious. A great thing about this popcorn is that it is a 100 calorie snack [that was actually filling] and it was naturally gluten free, no GMO and real, simple ingredients. I cannot wait to get my hands on more!

Sunny Sunscreen by Episencial: approx $4/5 We received a .75 oz travel size [I am assuming it is because sunscreen is not supposed to be used on my child yet]. We currently use Badger Balm but I am not opposed to trying something new [that’s why we signed up for Citrus Lane]. Use code CITRUSSUMMER for $5 off any order over $25, with free shipping on orders $45 or more through 7/31/2013 here.

Citrus Lane offered additional products that I opted out of, but I think I will opt in next time to try new things!

The total value of the box was $30.05. That is well over the $12.50 I paid and about $5 over a regular subscriber price. I would say it was a winning box!


I am so excited to participate in next month’s box! If you are interested in joining Citrus Lane, click here to receive $10 off .

Love, KarenAnn


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